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Bring Your A-Game

Originally published in Alive Magazine

With the latest redesign of the A4, Audi is doing everything it can to grab our attention – and it’s working.

The Audi A4 3.2 Quattro is a stellar improvement next to the previous models  – park it next to the B7 and it looks like it just drove out of the future. The A4 corners like it’s on rails, thanks to a new all-wheel drive system that controls traction better when the car is pushed to its limits, reducing the need for pesky stability control. Sharp creases in the body design and LED lights in the headlights give this model a sinister, sportier appearance. In order to stay competetive, Audi stretched the wheelbase 6 inches and made the width 2 inches wider, making the interior more spacious, with more leg room than before.

Upon availability, you can get yours with a choice of two direct-injected engines – a turbo-charged, 4-cylinder or the 3.2 liter V6 (you can never go wrong with turbo-charged). Other improvements include the shortened, front overhang and the differential being moved directly behind the engine, resulting in a better balanced car. The interior has also been revamped; the cabin is larger and trunk space has significantly increased. And your heartstrings will be tugged when you crank the Bang and Olufsen stereo system, with it’s remarkably clean and crisp sounds pumping out of 14 strategically placed speakers. Consider our attention grabbed.

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