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Speed Racer

Originally published in Alive Magazine

If you’re looking for the best way to turn heads, might we suggest the new 2008 Porsche Cayman S?

Not for the humble or the faint of heart, this two passenger sport coupe is designed for thrill-seekers, daredevils and everyone in between. With a few minor exceptions and some very cool options, the Cayman S (starting at $59,100) has remained relatively unchanged since the previous model, suggesting that Porsche isn’t going to waste time trying to redesign something that’s already near perfect – perfectly balanced handling, responsive steering and loads of interior room and trunk space make this elegant machine a serious contender.

Turn the key and the flat-6 engine growls like a panther, poised to attack with 295 horsepower and 250 lbs. of torque; not only will you burst out of the driveway in a mesmerizing flash of speed, but you’ll generate envy everywhere you go.

Fashioned in two different trims, base and the sporty S (shown here), is in a class of its own, with larger brakes, 18-inch wheels, metallic-trimmed dials and an upgraded nine-speaker audio system. New carbon-fiber options cut down on the overall weight, making the car 20 pounds lighter and quicker than the base model. Although there are probably better performance cars on the market, there’s simply no better method of arriving in pure style.

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