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Intelligent Design

Originally published in Alive Magazine

You may have noticed them buzzing around downtown St. Louis, zipping past the stadium, commuting on the way to work.

Perhaps you did a double-take because of the unreal size. Either way, the Mercedes-fashioned, second-generation SmartForTwo is turning heads and singlehandedly redefining the microcar revolution. As far as handling is concerned, this intelligent two-seater is the perfect car for city driving or your daily commute, while constantly keeping you immersed in the driving experience. With a 5-speed sequential manual transmission and a 70-horsepower, 3-cylinder engine just above the rear wheels, the ForTwo zips in and out of tight congestion like a pocket racer.

While averaging an impressive 40mpg, the ForTwo is loaded with bonus safety and convenience features like airbags and power windows, which add extra weight – the reason it doesn’t get even better fuel economy. And it’s safer then it looks. The structure of the ForTwo is very encouraging, given its tiny size, and the design packs a mean punch – the frame is a rigid cage composed of high-strength steel and is engineered to maintain it’s shape during a collision. The cabin is surprisingly spacious as well, and any person cresting the 6-foot mark will find the ForTwo delightfully cozy. It’s a Smart choice for any modern commuter.

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